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Yo! How's it Going?

If you found this place, then you are one of the few, the proud, THE INCREDIBLY BORED! Come in here! Introduce yourself! Talk about whatever you want!

18 292 Re: Sharknado 2 w...
Lord Vyce
May 8 17 10:18 AM

Games Nobody Talks About

Anybody ever heard of Puss N Boots or King Arthur and the Knights of Justice? Didn't think so...Well, come here to talk about any game you want! Unknown games preferred, but it doesn't have to be!

7 26 Re: Riddle of the...
Jan 27 17 7:05 AM


Allright, everyone talks about animé, but what about all the other cartoons? I think they need their own forum, don't you? (Okay, okay, you can still talk about animé if you want! Sheesh!)

5 35 Re: Saturday Morn...
James FP
Apr 29 16 2:29 AM


Why doesn't anyone ever have any forums for talking about their pets? Or animals in general for that matter? Well, now here's one, and until someone proves otherwise, I will claim the title of being the first ezboard owner to have a pets forum! Nyah!

2 8 Re: I guess we're...
Jan 27 17 7:33 AM

You've Got to be Kidding Me!

This forum was originally designed to be a shrine to the great Steven Wright, but I've decided to make it a general joke forum, instead. So, if you have something to post that you think is funny, post it here!

2 15 Re: Dumb Jokes
Sep 23 16 6:05 PM

Things You Wouldn't Talk About Anywhere Else

Okay..Did you ever want to say something, but you just couldn't find the right forum on your favorite ezboards to put it in? And then you had to do "eeny-meeny-miny-moe" to pick a forum to post it in? Well, now you have a forum for those kinds of posts! And since this is the Ezboard No One Will Ever Use, you can post your deepest, darkest secrets here, and probably no one will ever find out!

5 48 Re: Possibly stup...
Feb 13 17 12:19 PM


I've decided to dedicate an entire forum to one of my favorite foods! Why? Well...because it's my board, and I can do whatever the hell I please with it! So why don't you stop in here and talk about your favorite foods, eh?

5 15 Re: Food food FOO...
Aug 23 16 5:20 PM

Find a Saw!!

I realized I forgot to make a forum for nonsense posts, and since no board should be without one, here's mine. Hey! You have legs!

1 8 Re: Flag controve...
Ben Skyman
Sep 14 16 6:03 PM

Do You Have a Better Site Than Me?

Well, you probably do, so post a link to it here!

2 2 My Various Websit...
Flying Omelette
May 31 15 4:55 PM
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